10 January 2005

Well, for the time being, InsaneBoi.com will be staying in the same location on the same ISP, so in terms of that, everything should work. However, I just added a new domain name to this server, and in the process, changed a lot of configuration options to make this server more secure in general. If you encounter any bugs/problems on this site, it could be a result of one of those changes, so EMAIL ME, InsaneBoi (at) InsaneBoi (dot) com, and I will try to get it fixed. Also I just shaved my head using an electric shaver. It saves a lot of time.

As a second note, this site may soon be changing due to the acquisation of a second domain name. Some of the material may move to that site, and I may try to take this site down a new avenue. We'll see what happens though.

26 November 2004

I haven't done much work on this site since this past summer due to school and work, but don't worry, I will keep it up. This site may also experience a temporary downtime of up to a month in December/January due to the fact that I might be moving, and as a result thereof, my server will not be on the internet, and I may need to procure a hosting service due to an expected change in ISPs. InsaneBoi.com will return, have no fears.

20 July 2004

I've finally got around to working on this site again. The biggest change that you may notice is that I'm now in the process of captioning the pictures in the Urban Decay section. Right now, I think over half the pictures feature captions. I'm going though them quickly, so some captions may be a bit off, or I may not have had certain details about the pic at my fingertips when I captioned it. If you know more details about the subject of a picture, or you see an incorrect caption, feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

13 July 2004

I took pictures of the protest in Marquette, MI when Bush came to town today. I was down there Protesting too, but you won't find me in these pictures, since I was the one taking them.

Photos of Bush Protest!

01 June 2004

I am currently in the process of recoding this website, so there aren't going to be many more updates to this site for a while. I don't plan on too many design changes, just changes to the backend. That being said, it may be a while before new contented will be posted on here. I'm going to go through and update information on many of the buildings today, but check back here closer to the end of the summer, and hopefully, I'll have switched over to the new code and start adding new content again.

28 April 2004

The semester is almost over, and the snow is melting! I've already added new photos of Mather Mine B in Neguanee, MI. I should hopefully be adding more content over this summer, since I won't have any classes, and I'll be able to get out and explore.

For the past two months, the reliability of this website has been somewhat flaky. This has been due to network problems and not the server itself. These problems appear to have been corrected, so hopefully this site will stay up.

I would also like to apologize to all who emailed me in regards to this site. I have been very backed up with school as of late, so I have not gotten around to replying. I'll hopefully get caught up on those emails in the next month or two.


04 March 2004

Due to server maintence, and network problems, this site may frequently be down. This should hopfully be corrected in the next week or two.


27 January 2004

Recently, people have been taking my photos and using them and my bandwidth on other sites. While I really don't have a problem with them doing that, they are failing to give credit to me or my website. As a result, I am going to start cracking down on the unauthorized usage of my photos. As far as I'm concerned, my photos can be used on any site if these rules are followed:

1) In the near vicinity of the photo, a link must link to http://www.InsaneBoi.com, or any subpage of www.InsaneBoi.com.
2) It must be clearly stated that the photo came from www.InsaneBoi.com.
Any failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate action against the offending site or poster at InsaneBoi.com's discresion. Possible actions include renaming files to create broken links, replacing files with low bandwidth warnings, or the reporting of the offending poster to the administrators of the site they are using.

If the unauthorized usage of photos from this site continues, I will be forced to mark all images with watermarks or signatures indicating the owner of the photo. I would prefer not to do this as I believe that it detracts from the quality of the photo, but I will make that sacrifice to procect the intellectual property of InsaneBoi.com.

27 December 2003

For some reason, some search engines....such as msn...ick...are linking to this page for my pages on abandoned buildings such as the abandoned orphanage in Marquette. Click here to see my pages on abandoned buildings / urban decay.